With Quottly, create a unified, cross-campus course discovery and registration experience for your students.

About Us

Quottly is the only cross campus course discovery, registration, and course equivalency platform to combine systemwide class schedules, course catalogs, and transfer rules with SIS integration and one-click registration.

We currently support 137 universities and colleges with a combined enrollment of over 2 million students.

One-Click Registration
Seamless SIS Integration
Configurable Platform

With Quottly, you can:

  • Unify the course discovery and enrollment experience across all campuses.
  • Pool class capacity and campus subject expertise to offer a greater range of quality courses and programs.
  • Increase access to courses and certificate programs for all students, including adult learners.
  • Allow students to find the required classes they need to graduate on time.


Students can easily discover and enroll in courses and programs they need at any institution on a schedule that works for them.
User friendly dashboard

Single Sign-on

Students can access course and program inventory directly through the student portal or directly from their home university portal without another login.

User friendly dashboard

Search for Transferable Courses

Students can search by general education requirement, 1:1 transfer substitute classes, or a keyword like “history.” The Search Results page features customizable fields so students can more easily identify classes that fit their schedule. Universities can also determine the order in which they want the results to appear.

User friendly dashboard

One-click Registration

Once a student has identified a course to take, they simply click the “Add Class” button and are automatically enrolled, regardless of which college is teaching the class. The enrollment criteria set by the schools is validated automatically. The student does not need to fill out any additional applications or forms.

User friendly dashboard

User Friendly Dashboard

With their personal dashboard, students have the ability to both manage and monitor classes. They can manage their course schedule at all campuses, drop a course, save class searches, and set the notification function to perform tasks such as alert them when seats open up for a specific class.

Three easy steps to enrollment

Log in to home university student portal
Search for classes, programs, and certificates
Register for a class
Student Case Study
Anne is a student at Cal U who also has a full-time job. Intending to graduate in Spring 2020, she realizes that she has not yet fulfilled her Social Sciences general education requirement and will not be able to graduate without it.

She logs in to her Cal U student portal and does a search for available Spring classes that count for the Social Sciences GE, but nothing is available at Cal U outside of her job hours. However, Anne notices in the list of courses that Westchester offers Intro to Psychology as an online class and that the tuition falls within her budget. Anne selects the class to see more information and clicks the “Add Class” button next to an available section. A screen confirms that she has met the requirements for the class and that she is now enrolled. Anne clicks on her student dashboard and sees that Intro to Psychology with Professor Kerr is now in her list of classes for Spring 2020.


Administrators have the ability to manage users, make informed enrollment management decisions, and help students fulfill their academic goals -- all from a convenient dashboard.

Course Equivalencies and Inventory

Administrators can easily input, update, and search for both course equivalencies and inventory. They can also set equivalency and registration rules.

User friendly dashboard

Custom Reports

Using real time data, administrators can examine everything from class searches to student enrollment, and create custom reports based upon the data they are most interested in viewing. They can use the information to determine where to allocate resources – creating additional sections for popular courses, for example.

User friendly dashboard

Manage Users

Administrators can create and manage user accounts, setting rules for access and more.

User friendly dashboard


Pathways is a tool for students to be able to explore careers and discover the majors, and supporting classes, that are potential paths to a specific career. Students can view which colleges and universities offer the majors, classes, or certificates that lead to their desired career, see how the courses they’ve taken match a particular pathway, then register for classes directly from the Pathways module.